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A Sage is a wise leader, experienced, insightful, intelligent, thoughtful, with understanding. Sage is also an herb known over the centuries for its medicinal and healing properties. Proverbs 16:31 states “the silver-haired head is a crown of glory… “The proverb denotes the clients we are advocates for.

SilverSage recognizes not only the healing component of the herb but the connotation associated with the wisdom that comes with experience and our specialized education enabling us to impart counsel to patient, family, and facility.

Kenneth L. Scott Jr. DO, CMD CEO of SilverSage Management Services

Dr. Kenneth L. Scott

Dr. Kenneth L. Scott Jr. DO, CMD


Sharon Scott

Sharon Scott

Chief Operating Officer

Leanne Cesario

Leanne Cesario

Director of Finance

Elisabeth Anderson

Elisabeth Anderson

Special Projects Director

Lauren Cooley

Lauren Cooley

Historian Consultant

Ron Hessel

Ron Hessel MBA

Financial Consultant

Chris Wright

Chris Wright MBA

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Our Success Stories

“I’m excited to be a part of this growing team. I believe this company will change the face of the LTC and Post-acute care world. It feels as though I’m on the front lines of a quality revolution.”

Evan Johnson VP of Field Operations for SilverSage Physician Services

"The quality of care that SilverSage can provide to patients in the post-acute and long-term care setting is changing the standard of care. I am blessed to work for a company that is pushing the healthcare industry to break the mold and strive for excellence to those who need it most. “

Lauren Cooley, VP of operations SilverSage Physician services

"SilverSage is an amazing company to work for. As a physician, it makes such a difference to be working for a physician owned and managed organization. I feel completely supported, understood, and valued. SilverSage allows me to be a physician and focus on what is really important, which is quality patient care care."

– Dr. Jennifer Real, SilverSage In-House physician


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