SilverSage Success Stories

Dr. Kenneth Scott JR, CEO of SilverSage Physician Services

20 years ago, a desire to meet a need that spoke to my heart drove me to begin a journey with health care that has provided me with opportunity I could only have imagined at that time. Though it started as a mere thought which grew into a dream, SilverSage Physician Services has become a reality by the grace of God, the support of my family, and the drive that has propelled me forward from the very beginning. As I look back on the last few years I am so proud of what this company has become but most of all I am beyond excited about what the future holds for SilverSage. Working with the great minds of my beloved wife Sharon Scott RN, our innovative VP’s Lauren Cooley, Evan Johnson and our many talented physicians, humbles and honors me each and every day. SilverSage Physician Services is and will continue to be successful because it is shaped, developed, and sustained by people who care about the future of Long-Term Care, people who care not only about the people who work in this important field but also the Silver headed Sages that it services.

Lauren Cooley, VP of operations SilverSage Physician services

“I have had the pleasure to be a part of the SilverSage team since the company was formed. It has been an incredible two years to witness SilverSage grow and transform into the innovative physician model that it is. The quality of care that SilverSage can provide to patients in the post-acute and long-term care setting is changing the standard of care. I am blessed to work for a company that is pushing the healthcare industry to break the mold and strive for excellence to those who need it most. “

Evan Johnson VP of Field Operations for SilverSage Physician Services

“I’m excited to be a part of this growing team. I believe this company will change the face of the LTC and Post-acute care world. It feels as though I’m on the front lines of a quality revolution.”

Sharon Scott RN, VP of Business Development for SilverSage Physician Services

From the very beginning, the creation of SilverSage Physician Services has been a journey of discovery and growth. Not only has this amazing business offered me the opportunity to work with what I feel is one of the greatest Medical Minds in our Country, my husband Dr. Kenneth L Scott, DO (I admit my biases but I do not feel they decrease the validity of my statement) SilverSage has also opened my eyes to a need that is deep as it is wide and it is the fervent desire to meet that need that fuels this company and makes me proud to be a part of it.

Lindsay Taguma, AGNP

“In the short time I’ve been a part of the Silver Sage team I’ve received nothing but warm welcomes and immense support.  On my first day, I received a beautiful welcoming bouquet of flowers and since then, I have had a great experience working alongside dedicated colleagues who have been very supportive. I’ve witnessed SilverSage’s services have a positive influence at the Villas and I’m honored to be a part of that change. I look forward to sharing many more experiences with the company.”

–Lindsay Taguma, full-time Nurse Practitioner for SilverSage Physician Services

Dr. Jennifer Real

Testimony on working with SilverSage Physician Services:

“SilverSage is an amazing company to work for. As a physician, it makes such a difference to be working for a physician owned and managed organization.  I feel completely supported, understood, and valued.  SilverSage allows me to be a physician and focus on what is really important, which is quality patient care.”

– Dr. Jennifer Real, SilverSage In-House physician

Rich Kishaba

Dear Sharon,
It was nice to be able to meet with you again. I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for what SilverSage has done at the Villas. 

Our nursing staff feel comfortable asking him questions and interacting with him.  Finally, it’s always a challenge when physicians need to take some time off and need another physician to cover. Dr. Ken Scott’s coverage was seamless and equally helpful to the staff and guests of the Villas. We believe that the SilverSage approach is the model of the future for innovative SNFs that want to improve the quality of care and enhance physician services in their communities.

Richard Kishaba, President of Ohana Pacific

Dr. Joe Ouslander -(November 1, 2017)

There are several benefits to having onsite practitioners in post-acute care facilities, among them are fewer emergency department visits and hospitalizations. The SilverSage model will accomplish this goal.

– Joseph G. Ouslander, MD, Member, Board of Directors, the AMDA/Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine Foundation

Dee McCarthy CCO North Shore Healthcare– (November 4, 2017)

During my 40-plus years as a nurse, I’ve always sought to develop partnerships in my clinical practice. When I was a Director of Nursing at a SNF, I partnered with my Medical Director. It was a good relationship and was beneficial to the facility, but something was missing. The Medical Director, like many Medical Directors, had his own separate practice and served as Medical Director for a couple other facilities. He visited the facility twice a week for a limited amount of time and wasn’t always available on weekends or after hours. Whoever ended up taking call for him usually didn’t know the residents. Often residents bounced back to the hospital because the on-call doc wasn’t comfortable treating unknown residents over the phone. Who could blame them?

When nurse practitioners were added in the facility, it helped, but a lot of the same problems still plagued us. The NPs often could only treat those residents belonging to their doctor or clinic or hospital system or insurance company. To muddy the waters even more, the doctors and NPs weren’t always familiar with the facility’s pharmacy, wound care or nursing supply formularies. They might or might not be available to attend care plan or IDT meetings regularly. Often these practitioners were absent for those important conversations with residents and families. A good many discussions with families regarding a resident’s prognosis ended up being initiated by a floor nurse. Despite incredible transformations in long term care, twenty-five years later these practices remain virtually unchanged.

So, when Dr. Scott originally discussed the Silver Sage Physician Model with me, all I could say was “Finally”. Watching this model in actual practice is a dream come true. With a Silver Sage physician, the facility now has a doctor available to the residents, families and staff almost daily. On-call is no longer an issue as your Medical Director and your Silver Sage physician can share call. Unnecessary returns to acute drop as the residents are well-known to the doctors. In tandem with the nursing staff, the Silver Sage physician works to keep and treat the residents in-house.

Likewise, pharmacy and nursing supply costs decrease with Silver Sage physicians. These physicians help define the facility formulary standards and actively adhere to them. Remember those tough conversations with families? With a Silver Sage physician, these are now carried out by a caring physician, who truly knows the resident and family on a personal level. The Silver Sage physician becomes an integral part of the facility’s interdisciplinary team. The physician is thoroughly involved in ‘resident-centered’ care planning and QAPI.

For me, the best part of this physician partnership is the impact it has on the nursing staff. The Silver Sage physician works directly with the nursing staff; helping them to enhance their clinical skills and stay current with practices and procedures. Nowadays we are all pushed to admit residents with higher acuity. What better partner could nurses have then one who teaches, challenges and works with them to treat these ‘sicker’ residents and achieve the best in quality outcomes?
With all the clinical challenges we are required to meet in long term care, all of us need a partner. I recommend you a take a serious look at the Silver Sage Physician model. Partnering with Silver Sage will definitely enhance your facility’s clinical practice and help achieve those quality outcomes we all desire.

– Dee McCarthy, Chief Clinical Officer, North Shore Healthcare

Legacy PostcardFrom Johnalyn Nosaka Administrator (April 7, 2017)

It has been a blessing to work with Silver Sage and having them place their doctors into our building. Legacy Hilo Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has a capacity of 100 beds, Medicare and Medicaid certified. Our residents having their primary physician on site enables us to be proactive and timely with response to medical changes, individual needs and family dynamics. Long term care requires quality assessment and assurance in the service of our frail and elderly; our physician is the pinnacle of our mission.

Our in house doctor works closely with the administrative team and nursing staff to promote the quality of care and service to our residents and family members. While many physicians in Hilo may be contemplating retirement and downsizing of their case load, it is tremendously significant that all our residents need not worry; they have their physician accessible and accountable. Silver Sage offers that assurance through it’s physicians’ exchange and program. We are grateful and appreciative of their insight and innovation.
Much Mahalo to the Silver Sage staff,

– Johnalyn Nosaka, Administrator Legacy Hilo Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Hilo HI