I Am A Nursing Facility

Our Aim is to

We look forward to partnering with you in your aim for excellence in quality of care by providing practitioners who share that goal and desire to do all in their power to earn that reputation. By providing excellent loving care at the bedside and partnering with your team to improve systems of care we will work with you to help you reach all your goals.

Benefits of working with SilverSage

As the pressure mounts for more complicated and critically ill patients to be transferred to the nursing home at an earlier point in their care, we want to be there to help guide in your Post-Acute and Long-Term Care and ensure the best outcomes possible. Incorporating SilverSage as part of your team means that your nursing staff has a constant resource to help in decision making, giving them confidence in what they do and helping them to be more efficient in their work. As part of your team SilverSage wants to improve patient and family satisfaction, giving comfort to staff, patients, and families by providing timely access to the physician that has been treating them.

Quality of Care

  • Excellent quality of care should not only improve outcomes, but should also be cost effective.
  • Excellent care means that SilverSage works hard to decrease your bounce backs (re-hospitalization rate).
  • Excellent care means eliminating unnecessary medications, reducing polypharmacy risks, and anti-psychotic dependency.
  • Having a doctor on site daily allows care to be “high touch and low tech.” In other words, SilverSage physicians strive to utilize medical resources efficiently and effectively and can do so because they are present to observe and monitor changes in patients as they develop.
  • SilverSage recognizes and celebrates the fact that true quality of care is a team effort. SilverSage physicians make it a goal to communicate and collaborate daily with the rest of the health care and administration teams at each facility. We know that the best and most effective outcomes are reached when we all come together and strategize about how to best meet and understand the ongoing needs of patients, families, and the facility.

Physician Services

  • We collaborate with you to ensure that we are providing a physician that will integrate well into your team as well as meet your patients’ needs.
  • SilverSage manages the physicians practice providing both operational and educational support.
  • By providing physician billing, coding, and operational support we help to ensure the doctor will have the ability to optimize their time at the patients bedside, talking with families and supporting excellent outcomes.
  • We audit physician billings to ensure compliance with Medicare rules and regulations.
  • SilverSage monitors regulatory changes in your state regarding Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants to ensure continued compliance.
  • We provide education to our clinicians on Post-Acute and Long-Term Care.
  • SilverSage communicates with all stake holders to improve safe transitions of care.
  • We educate our SilverSage Physicians on the survey process to better serve your facility.

Help with Survey

  • We recognize that specializing in any care setting means not only understanding how to provide excellent care in that setting, but also how to function best within the rules of that setting.
  • Physicians typically receive very little training on the Post-Acute and Long-Term Care environment. SilverSage educates our physicians regarding this environment. This education includes the 5-star rating system and the state and federal survey systems.
  • SilverSage believes that our clinicians must understand the regulations that pertain to this environment, to provide excellent care and collaboration with your facility to help improve your ratings.
  • We believe that understanding the pressure and regulations imposed upon the Long-Term Care environment will give the physician a deeper respect and appreciation for what the facility works through allowing them to truly aid in the production of excellent outcomes.

Medical Transfers

Part of the reputation of your facility and the hospitals you work with is based on providing safe and smooth transitions of care. By allowing the SilverSage physician to take part in the transition process, you will notice the following positive outcomes.

  • Patients feel more secure.
  • Improves family members satisfaction.
  • Hospitals gain more confidence in your facility knowing a physician is there daily to address any ongoing patient needs, and can provide updated and detailed information that will make any transition of care smoother and safer for the patient.

Cost Effective Care

Having a full-time physician rounding daily on your patients has proven to reduce:

  • Bounce backs (re-hospitalization rates).
  • The use of excessive medications including anti-psychotics, thus potentially reducing polypharmacy.
  • Overutilization of medical resources.

Continuity of Care

We believe the best way to provide continuity of care in today’s health care environment is for you to experience the same physician coming to your facility every day. That same physician should be answering your team’s call after hours. After all, continuity of care is all about your physician knowing their patients and understanding and responding to your team’s concerns consistently.