My father passed away a few years ago. The last 5 years before he passed, he had Alzheimer’s and rarely recognized any of us in the family.

I remember one of the last visits I had with him, we had not planned to stop in Canada for a visit, but my husband’s work took him near where my parents lived so I drove up to visit them. We were returning from Hawaii so all I had were summer clothes with me and it was cold in Canada. I only had open toe sandals, I wore those everyday for the 5 days I was there.

My mother and I would go to the Nursing home and visit my father twice a day. Every time we visited, my father would look at my shoes and say, “Those are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen”.

On our last day as we were leaving, I hugged him good-bye and for a second, he recognized me, and he looked at my shoes and said, “Wow, look at those beautiful shoes, you always wear such fancy shoes!” – Sharon Scott