The secrets to living to 100 won’t shock you. The truth is, you already know it.

The problem is, you’re most likely not doing it, say the scientists contributing to the report, ‘What is ageing? Can we delay it?’ from the Longevity Science Panel. Interviews with eight of the world’s best bio-gerontologists – the people who study bodies as they age – reveal that, despite plenty of research, we can’t expect a magic anti-ageing bullet, from a drug, stem cell therapy or gene therapy, to be available in the near future.

They conclude you’re better off investing in simple behavioral changes to help slow the ageing process.

And the only proven ways to extend your lifespan, right now, are good diet and exercise.

But can we stick to the healthy anti-ageing lifestyle? Yes, people do in the short term, but often not in the medium to long term, says the report. ‘Behavioral interventions such as exercise and improved quality of diet, including the Mediterranean diet and possibly calorie restriction, have fewer risks and costs [than drugs], but are often not sustained,’ says the report. The takeaway message? You know what you should be doing…