We – the daughters, sons, nieces/nephews, sons/daughter’s in-law will be responsible for the future care of an aging parent or loved one. You need to be aware of this, to prepare for this and to talk about this. Aging Parents Management is here to help with all of it. Aging Parents Management is a unique website designed specifically for AND by Adult Children of Aging Parents to help them on this journey with their own parent or loved one. AgingParentsManagement.com … We were just like you – adult children of aging parents who found ourselves in unfamiliar territory.

My sister and I saw this as an opportunity to create a website for – the daughters, sons, nieces/nephews, daughter/sons -in-laws of aging parents to help them by providing resources, tools, support and information so you will find it when you need it. Everyone’s journey will be different. Every parent’s situation is different. Our DASHBOARD FORMAT will make it easy and convenient for you to explore topics at your pace. No matter where you are in this process, we will be here to help you while on the “Journey with your Aging Parents.”