When Quitting Isn’t an Option

February 15, 2023
Smart businesses and leaders are tackling the issue of “Quiet Quitting” head-on by improving communication with team members and helping them understand how valued they are.
When Quitting Isn't an Option by Michael Wolsten


Note: As a leader in the health care workplace, there have been many frustrations to face surrounding COVID and its aftermath. Among the most confounding has been the attitude of “quiet quitting.” My confusion surrounding how to deal with this in a world where essential health care workers are an absolute necessity to good outcomes led me to seek the advice of bestselling author Michael Wolsten, who just launched the second edition of his successful book Work + Love on Feb. 15. Here are some thoughts he shared with our team. — Dr. Kenneth Scott,


I recently did a TV interview for KTVB Boise, talking about quiet quitting and what it’s really all about. To be 100 percent honest, there is a lot to be concerned about:

  • Talented folks actively disengaging from giving their very best effort
  • Leaders seeing the effects of overworked team members
  • Seeing that some great people don’t know what else to do to help them cope with the burnout they are experiencing

Since “quiet quitting” has become a household term, the issue has often become polarizing and painted as only having two sides: It’s either lazy, entitled workers are finding another way to underwork and just skate by, or greedy, demanding employers are finally getting the pushback they need to stop abusing good people. So, what is the truth?

Well, based on my experience working with dozens of companies and hundreds of leaders, it’s just a symptom of something bigger going on. It’s often a lack of communication, shared values, and proper expectations that lead to quiet quitting, quiet firing, the Great Resignation, and whatever else comes next. Which means that this trend, just like so many before it, creates an opportunity for leaders to tackle workplace expectations and the environment they create.

Right now, smart businesses and leaders are tackling this issue head-on and capitalizing on it. Here are three key ways:

  • By being proactive and talking to team members first, not waiting for any quitting to happen. (According to Gallup, only 35 percent of employees are engaged in the workplace.)
  • Truly listening to any concerns about work/life balance, reestablishing expectations, and, most importantly, helping team members know how valued they are. (According to Trade Press Services, 85 percent of employees are most motivated when internal communications are effective.) 
  • Utilizing new tools to assess team engagement, development, and ownership. Combine this with a proven system to invest in your best consistently, and you now become the employer of choice in a sea of discontent. (According to a Korn Ferry survey, 33 percent of employees leave their jobs for new challenges.)

The truth is, businesses and leaders who choose to invest in their teams with targeted engagement tools in 2023 will not only stem the tide on quiet quitting but win the war for talent and boost tangible profits by 21 percent on average!

Want to gauge where your team is at? Head on over to www.michaelwolsten.com and take my free Culture Quiz. You will get a score at the end, along with three free resources to support you in the year ahead. 

Lead courageously!

Michael Wolsten is a culture strategist for business leaders who want to create world-class work cultures, keep their very best, and boost their profits organically. Michael’s unique approach has made him a premier speaker, online educator, and consultant for companies across the country. Michael is the author of the Amazon best-seller Work + Love. He has been featured on NBC News, speaking to the Great Resignation and quiet quitting movements. He is married to his beautiful wife, Kelly, and has three teenage boys who never seem to stop eating.

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