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Sharon Scott

Grief and Bereavement

Losing someone you care about can be a very emotional time. Explore ways to cope with the grief, offer your sympathy to someone, and make the mourning process a little easier. Survivor's Checklist After Death Although your grief after the...

Hospice Care

SilverSage Physician Services would like to Honor our Elderly. For the month of January, daily we have posted a new story or inspiration from the elderly, as we recognize the wisdom that comes with age and experience. Hospice Care Hospice provides comfort and...

If I Knew Then…

As the 50th reunion of Harvard Business School's Class of 1963 approached, we asked the class members if they had any advice to pass along to younger generations. The world these 1963 graduates entered was also starkly different in terms of technology and culture....

How Old is Too Old

Madelin Scotto 100-Year-old Math Teacher (October 27th, 2014) Mrs. Scotto says 'retire' is a 'bad word.' 'I don't ever want to hear that word,' 'Some people like what they're doing, but I have a passion for what I'm doing, and when you have a passion for something,...